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Admin Support in the Team Office

Daphne Blount, our current Team administrator, is due to retire on 31st March after nine years. The Whitton PCC, a registered charity, is seeking an administration services provider to deal with a range of administrative, document design, information management, procurement and other related office activities for the Whitton Team churches.

The work would be in support of, primarily, the Team Clergy and churchwardens. Our current experience is that this generally requires around 10 person-hours a week and our preference is for these services to be provided on-site, at our office in Ramsbury.  If this is something that interests you and you would like more information, please contact Simon Weeden or the Team Office

Whitton Team Office

Church Room
Back Lane
Ramsbury, SN8 2QH

Tel: (01672) 520963

Office Hours: 9am – 1pm Monday & Thursday