Swindon Food Collective

Urgent Swindon Food Collective Appeal & Assistance

There are food donation baskets in the porches at Aldbourne, Baydon and Ramsbury. Also at Aldbourne Stores.

You may wish to help by donating money instead of food to the Food Collective.

More information on donating funds to the Swindon Food Collective is on their website.

“Feeding the Five Thousand”

The churches have made contact with Swindon Food Collective, who would be prepared to help us with food parcels for anyone who is currently having difficulty in paying for basic food. There is also local funding available to help with this, in addition to the sterling work already being done by Parish and County Councils and volunteers in the villages. Please contact the Revd Sue Rodd on 01672 541571 if you are aware of someone in this kind of need, or email helpline@whittonteam.org.uk

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