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Table Service (PDF) – Fuelling friendship, by looking at lunches and liturgy

This little set of discussion topics looks at the general “shape” of many services, as seen in the context of a recent actual meeting between two friends – the things we might do and say, and the reasons why we might do so… In each case, the interactions between the two women are used, first, to reflect on the nature of strong human relationships, and then to reflect how similar words and actions might enhance our relationship with God.
This is not to trivialise the solemnity and glory (or the importance) of worship, but simply to reflect on the fact that – at their best – our human relationships echo, in some small way, our relationship with God and his with us.
The ideas are offered simply as a “jumping-off point” to allow us to think more deeply about what it is that we believe we are doing when we come to worship God, and to enjoy and nurture our relationship with him. Different questions may have varying relevance to you – take from them what you can; our prayer is that you will find blessing in the process. At the start of the process, do agree among you, some ground rules about issues such as confidentiality and respect for the opinions of others, so that everyone will feel safe and happy to speak freely.
We have used the components of a service of Holy Communion as examples; other services may have the sections in a different order, but most of them will occur at some point in any act of worship.

Praying round the Parish Each day of the month has three areas of the parish, plus a group of people. You may find it easier to focus on a particular person who lives there or belongs to the group – just hold them in your mind and bring them and their needs before God with thanksgiving for this very special place we live in and serve! Prayer List (PDF)

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