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The Team Clergy are: Rector: Revd Canon Simon Weeden; Vicars: Revd Candice Marcus and Revd Sue Rodd; and Assistant Curate: Revd Karen Rizzello.  The Team Office is in Ramsbury.  Contact details for the Clergy and the Team Office can be found here

Notices & Readings for Sunday 24th September 2017

Minister’s Letter September 2017

View from the Vicarage
There are times when your world falls apart – it can be the loss of someone you love – it can be something that suddenly throws you in your health – whatever it is it rocks your boat (to coin a phrase) and the ground that you were walking on falls away, momentarily or for a longer period. Both these things have happened in my life – my husband died from a heart attack at a tube station in London just before I was ordained and just recently something unexpected happened to me health wise which threw me and mine into confusion. But God was in it all, he was there with love and support for me and my children when Tony died, and again he was there to rescue me when I was unable to do the things I was committed to. If we are open to him, he will use us, even when we might be a bit ‘in extremis’. One of my lovely colleagues answered her mobile phone on a Sunday morning, when she doesn’t usually, and she had the space on both occasions to pick up the very important services from me because I was unable to do them and there was no-one else around who could! Then in hospital I found myself next to a lovely lady who was very frightened about what was happening to her and he used my presence there and the conversations we had to bring some peace and tranquility in her life. So, the thought I want to leave you with at the beginning of this new academic year is that even when our world falls apart we all, every single one of us, have gifts and skills God wants us to use in our world but to do so we need to be open to him, to see the world through his eyes and to love the people around us with his love.
So, may the Lord bless you and those you love. May he protect you and smile upon you and be gracious to you. May he show you his favour and give you his peace today, tomorrow and always.
With my love –  Candice (Team Vicar)

Getting ready for Christmas in August??

Normally, it seems all wrong when someone starts getting ready for Christmas way too early and the tinsel in the shops begins in September – but this year the Whitton churches will be starting the run-up to Christmas even earlier!
Usually, we spend the four weeks of Advent, just before the big day, thinking of the faith journey that led to Christ’s mission on earth, but this year from August onwards we’ll be tracing the story in greater detail, Sunday by Sunday, in all our churches, whatever the type of service.
In August we’ll begin at the beginning, with the foundational idea that the very universe itself is part of God’s plan of creativity and love, and then trace how humankind started thinking it knew better, and how some (notably Noah) had the first inklings of the faithfulness of God’s love.
In September, we’ll see the beginnings of the Jewish faith, with Abraham’s obedience and God’s promise that through his offspring all the nations would be blessed – but then the lessons of forgiveness that had to be learned before the clan could become a people and seek its own destiny. Having seen in October how the new nation was tested in the wilderness years and given the Ten Commandments to live by, we’ll watch them adapting to living out those commands as a settled people in their own land, and how they came to think that having a human king would help reinforce their nationhood.
So November will bring us to the “golden years” of King David and his son Solomon, and God’s promise that a descendant of their line would save his people – a people who, however, constantly turned away from following God despite the urgent warnings of the prophets. In the end, Jerusalem was destroyed and the people had to find new ways of living out their faith in exile in Babylon. Finally, at the start of December, we’ll recall the return to Jerusalem, the reinvigoration of faith and the promise of the Messiah – the Christ – heralded by John the Baptist.
Throughout this time, each church will have a “timeline” of pictures illustrating the various stages, updated as the story unfolds. We’ll also be running some weekday discussion sessions in September and October to fill in the historical gaps and answer questions – times and places will be advertised. It promises to be a fascinating journey – come and walk it with us!

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