Welcome to the website for the Whitton Benefice, in the Diocese of Salisbury.

The Team Clergy are: Rector: Revd Canon Simon Weeden; Vicars: Revd Candice Marcus and Revd Sue Rodd; and Assistant Curate: Revd Karen Rizzello.  The Team Office is in Ramsbury.

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Notices and Readings for Sunday 20 May 2018

Sunday 20 May 7.30pm Salisbury Cathedral

Between 10th – 20th May, communities and churches around the world are gathering together to pray that their friends, families and neighbours come to know Jesus Christ in response to a call from Archbishop Justin Welby and other church leaders. Churches together in Salisbury are marking the end of this period with a service at Salisbury Cathedral and inviting Christians from across the area to join together for an evening of prayer and worship.

Brian Heasley, from the 24-7 Prayer movement, will be at the event. Brian now serves as the International Prayer Director after leading 24-7 Ibiza and has been part of the prayer movement since it began. Brian is a gifted communicator with passion for prayer, mission and justice. The worship will be led by members of the regional New Wine worship Team.

More information and free tickets (both seated and standing) at :

 More tea, Vicar?

We’re currently making plans for the next series of sessions of the “Knot Group”. “Knot?” you may say – “What’s that, and why the weird name?”
Well, we started about six or seven years ago as a Lent Home Group, but by the end of Lent we’d found such support and enjoyment in meeting together to talk about the interaction between faith and life, that we became the “Not the Lent group”, meeting less often but throughout the year. And each year we’d re-become a Lent group, and then revert to “Not”.
After a few years we expanded to becoming a “Confirmation Group” as members and others found they wanted to make an adult commitment to the promises that had been made on their behalf at Baptism. Bishop Ed came and did a wonderful Confirmation service for us in Froxfield church, after which we reverted to being the “Not the Confirmation Group” – and now it’s “Knot”, as a positive thing that binds us, rather than a negative title!
And it really is an illustration of how important it is that we should think about our faith – what it is that we believe, and how that impacts on the way we live our lives. It does sadden me that so many adults who reject any sort of Christian faith are doing it on the basis of what they understood about it as children in primary school, because that’s the last time they really paid it any proper attention!
A few weeks ago in the Knot Group we were thinking about the Creeds – specifically, what we believe about Jesus. I came away and dug out a book I’ve been meaning to read for ages – 454 pages of closely reasoned explanation, some of which makes my head hurt! What all this does make clear, though, is that we can understand some of the basic truths at a whole lot of different levels, but we do need to explore them at a level that’s appropriate to who and where we are, as we grow and develop. I use lovely small-child-friendly versions of the parables at “Sparklers”, but if we stick at that stage, it’s the spiritual equivalent of eating only apple puree and rusks for the rest of our lives – nice enough, but ultimately a bit boring and not hugely nourishing!
We’re hoping, in the benefice, to set up some opportunities to explore some of the big questions relating to life and faith in an un-scary and supportive setting – watch this space, if you fancy enriching your spiritual diet and having something to chew on!!!
With love
Sue – Whitton Team Vicar

Visit from Notre Dame des Bois

On Friday 27th April the Whitton Team welcomed 10 visitors from our link parish in Evreux Diocese.
We had the pleasure of greeting old friends and meeting some new ones too and began our time together with coffee and cake before taking them on a tour of five of our six churches in the team. We stopped off at each and were welcomed and given a brief tour with some interesting facts and things to see. They then went to their hosts’ houses for the rest of the evening.

On Saturday morning we gathered together and took them in the Ramsbury Flyer to Ramsbury Brewery where we were given a great tour by Alistair Ewing complimented with tastings of their very fine beers, gin, vodka and liqueurs! Alongside delicious products such as their smoked venison, duck and trout. After this we journeyed into Swindon to the Steam Museum and ate a good lunch, followed by a great tour of the museum. We had Arthur, aged 13, with us and he had great fun working the signals and then being given a certificate for what he had done to take back and show his friends in France. After this there was a short retail break (while the driver and I had coffee!) and then we drove back to Ramsbury for a short break before sitting down in fellowship for an evening meal together talking about the day and life.

Sunday was not a day of rest, at our Communion service in Ramsbury the readings were done in French and the intercessions were done in both languages. They were given the text of the sermon in French, so they had an idea of what it was all about. They had a tour of Holy Cross, Ramsbury which was followed by drinks and nibbles and then a sumptuous lunch. In the afternoon we shared what was happening in both benefices either side of the Channel, the way things had moved on and changed. We looked at things we share together too.

The day was rounded off with a choral evensong and another wonderfully catered meal by our great team in the Benefice. Monday was their last morning and we went to Baydon School where we watched a Collective Worship and then did a tour around the school to give our visitors an idea of how the Christian distinctiveness of our church schools is evident in work and displays, which is something they don’t experience in France. As an added bit of fun, we went to the Heritage Museum in Aldbourne to which they wonderfully added an historical tour of the village which fascinated our visitors. After a wonderful coffee and cake break we waved goodbye and look forward to seeing them again.
Many, many thanks to all those who catered, hosted and gave our visitors a really good visit with lots in it.
Candice Marcus – Whitton Team Vicar