Welcome to the website for the Whitton Benefice, in the Diocese of Salisbury.

The Team Clergy are: Rector: Revd Canon Simon Weeden; Vicars: Revd Candice Marcus and Revd Sue Rodd; and Assistant Curate: Revd Karen Rizzello.  The Team Office is in Ramsbury.  Contact details for the Clergy and the Team Office can be found here

Notices for Sunday 25 March 2018

Admin Support in the Team Office

Daphne Blount, our current Team administrator, is due to retire on 31st March after nine years. The Whitton PCC, a registered charity, is seeking an administration services provider to deal with a range of administrative, document design, information management, procurement and other related office activities for the Whitton Team churches.

The work would be in support of, primarily, the Team Clergy and churchwardens. Our current experience is that this generally requires around 10 person-hours a week and our preference is for these services to be provided on-site, at our office in Ramsbury.  If this is something that interests you and you would like more information, please contact Simon Weeden or the Team Office

Minister’s Letter – WHITTON and the Easter story
March is the month that heralds Spring. It is a time when we see the growth of new shoots, new flowers and the birth of new lambs in the fields around us. The whole of nature is bursting with a rich abundance. Spring lifts us all up.
At the end of this month, Christians will remember the joyful arrival of Jesus in Jerusalem, riding on a donkey, with cheering crowds laying palm leaves on the road along the way. Joy is replaced with drama as the events leading to the arrest and crucifixion of Jesus are told through Holy Week. Finally, we stand at the foot of the cross witnessing the death of Jesus on Good Friday and remember the message of hope, his resurrection on Easter day.
And you are all welcome to join us for that re-telling.
For everyone this can be a chance to reflect on our personal life journey. Whether we are people of faith, uncertain or none we are part of the story of creation. In Spring we are witnessing the glorious cycle of life, of rebirth; everywhere we look in our villages and the countryside. As people of the countryside, the cycle of death and rebirth are a familiar part of our world. This is a time when we can ask ourselves some searching questions; ‘Where am I in my life?’; ‘Am I nourishing my spiritual self?’; ‘Is there something I want to change in my life?’.
For me, Easter is such a wonderful time as it allows us to re-fill ourselves with the Holy Spirit. We can all learn a lot from Jesus. He told us to love one another, don’t hold a grudge, forgive others, be tolerant. This feels so far away from the depressing and negative headlines in the News.
Jesus advocates life affirming acts of kindness and compassion. To help others and not be mean and ungracious.
I wish you all pure joy this Easter and invite you to come and be part of the Easter celebration in our villages.