Welcome to the website for the Whitton Benefice, in the Diocese of Salisbury.

The Team Clergy are: Rector: Revd Canon Simon Weeden; Vicars: Revd Candice Marcus and Revd Sue Rodd; and Assistant Curate: Revd Karen Rizzello.  The Team Office is in Ramsbury.  Contact details for the Clergy and the Team Office can be found here

Notices for Sunday 18 February 2018

Admin Support in the Team Office

Daphne Blount, our current Team administrator, is due to retire on 31st March after nine years. The Whitton PCC, a registered charity, is seeking an administration services provider to deal with a range of administrative, document design, information management, procurement and other related office activities for the Whitton Team churches.

The work would be in support of, primarily, the Team Clergy and churchwardens. Our current experience is that this generally requires around 10 person-hours a week and our preference is for these services to be provided on-site, at our office in Ramsbury.  If this is something that interests you and you would like more information, please contact Simon Weeden or the Team Office

View from the Vicarage
February is the shortest month of the year but I think, even when it is cold and wet, it can be a positive one because we see the early spring flowers pushing through the earth which remind us that out of the cold, wet ground comes new life and God’s creation is very beautiful and intricate. We also celebrate Valentine’s Day; this is traditionally a day on which people express their love for each other by sending cards, flowers or chocolates, often anonymously! The holiday is named after Valentine, an early Christian martyr, who lost his life trying to convert the Emperor Claudius of Rome. It wasn’t until the Middle Ages it became associated with romance!
Love is in the air is a song by John Paul Young – love is in the air everywhere I look around is the first line, in every sight and every sound. Sometimes I feel our lives get so cluttered with stuff that we become blind to the wonderful things in our world and each other. As I write this the headlines are about children being at risk from social media – isn’t it sad because I think that if used correctly and with thought it can be a way we express good things and support each other. For me how we use what we have been given is important and that includes social media. I believe everything we have comes from God and that we should use it responsibly and with love. There is a lot to be thankful for after all love is all around because our Lord is at the heart of everything, and one thing never to forget is that his love for us and our world is unconditional.
In 2018 may his love flourish in all our lives.
Candice Marcus
Team Vicar